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cq9 slot – God of War

cq9 slot - God of War

Gameplay Instructions

game introduction

Long according to the popular list! “God of War” recreates the history of the Three Kingdoms, and presents players with classic core gameplay and a brand new exciting experience!

Thousands of horses are galloping, and thousands of troops are invincible! Enter the world of God of War, incarnate as a loyal hero, and have a glimpse of the vision of the heroes of the Three Kingdoms.

Riding a red rabbit horse and holding a green dragon and a moon sword, pursue wealth up to 750 times; seize the imperial jade seal, which can represent any icon, including free games!

When you enter the free game, you can choose a jackpot icon, which will become the magic weapon to unify the world, creating a pile of piles to help you sweep the battlefield!

Kill Yan Liang, kill Wen Chou, pass five levels, and kill six generals! Enter the game now and see how the Three Kingdoms God of War will shake China!

Gameplay Instructions

game rating

basic game

God of War is a 243-way slot machine game with a large number of stacked icons. The gameplay of 243-way is more special, the icons do not need to follow specific connection rules, as long as three or more identical icons appear in a row from left to right on the scroll wheel. icon to get the winning payout.

The theme of this game is Guan Yu, a generation of martial sages representing loyalty, righteousness and bravery in the classic Chinese historical novel “Three Kingdoms”. The animated background of the game makes players seem to return to the shocking scene of the galloping horses when the two armies were at war in the Three Kingdoms era.

In the game, the player becomes the protagonist of the story – God of War, to experience the thrill of wielding a knife on the battlefield to cut down the enemy, and let the player complete the test brought by the fate rotation, pass five levels and kill six generals, and obtain the supreme glory and reward.

(The game scene of galloping horses)

Wild Icon – The Legendary Jade Seal is used as the wild icon, allowing players to more easily obtain connection points.

Free Game Icons – The martial sage, who is both intelligent and brave, is the representative of the free game icon. As soon as God of War appears, he will definitely be able to sweep away thousands of troops, helping players to win more easily and win more rewards.

(Free game icons for Yuxi Wild and God of War)

Game Features

In the main game, in addition to the “jackpot icon” with a payout rate of up to 750 points, there are also a large number of stacked icons on the reels. In addition, the special function of the “Wild Icon” can replace the “Free Game Icon”, which not only greatly improves the probability of connecting points, but also allows players to have more opportunities to obtain free games.

Three “Free Game Icons” appear in a row from left to right on the scroll wheel to get free games.

When at least one “Free Game Icon” appears on the far left of the scroll wheel, the “Wild Game Icon” can replace the “Free Game Icon” to meet the conditions for entering the free game.

(5 lines of “Grand Prize Icon”, 750 times the jackpot appears)

free games

When entering the free game, you must select the “Grand Prize Icon” that is unified by the free games and the scroll wheel in the game.

Unifying the “jackpot icon” means that all the “jackpot icons” in the free game will become the jackpot icon selected before entering the game.

The special unified jackpot icon gameplay combined with a large number of stacked icons that already exist in the game makes it easier to get jackpots and full disks. That’s why the game consistently remains in the top 10 on the trending charts.

(In the free game, there is only one type of “jackpot icon” selected by you)


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